You are an astronaut on a trip across the universe, releasing trapped energy back into being and grooving to an endless mix for lo-fi beats.

A universe waits to be born. Clumsily you drift from energy source to energy source as your fingers pull your ship in their direction, accumulating enough raw material to build galaxies in the darkness, grooving to a loop based lo-fi composition.

Moonlight Flight is an experimental game that requires intense focus as you guide your ship through tight and dangerous spaces. Each time you play, you are able to collect energy, parts for ships, and consciousness. Collect enough ship parts and you can add a new ship to your fleet. Using collected consciousness allows you to modify how your ship behaves.

This game is free as in free beer. As an academic game studio, NERDLab develops games for the public to enjoy free of charge. We are a group of faculty and students creating products with a purpose. The crafting system of parts and consciousness can only be built through continued play, there are no shortcuts through in app purchases. Any data we collect through analytics is used purely to enhance gameplay, develop new features and diagnose bugs.

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